Sascha Haert
“Foundation - Acceleration”

Expertise_ Performance coaching / Business Development / Business Systems & Optimization / Brand & Product Management / Production & Sourcing / Non-violent Communication / Communication & Negotiation

Education_ Sports Economy & Psychology at Potsdam University, Germany

Extra_ Co-Founder YogiLab

Entertainment Marketing at NIKE Germany

Coaching at Human Optimization

Authentic Relating at ART International

Captain of the Junior National team of Basketball Germany

Dar Ya
“Elevation - Drive”

Expertise_ Performance coaching / Social psychology / Existential psychology / NeuroCognitive human behaviours / Jyotish Astrology / Brand Development / Art Direction / Creative Production / Filmmaking / Art Criticism

Education_ Art Criticism at Russian State University for the Humanities

Art Business at International University in Moscow

Fashion & Apparel Design at МХПИ

Extra_ Filmmaking at Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia

Marketing at Seth Godin

Coaching at EVERCOACH by MindValley

NeuroCognitive and Behavioral Approach at Brain Academy

Neural science at University of Cambridge

Jyotish astrology at Shankara Foundation Human resourses

Your unique Life Purpose is the one and only North Star that guides you throughout life.
Let go of the autopilot, and instead connect with your deepest motivations and power of individuality.
We will liberate you from old limiting programs and create a bespoke roadmap that is truly aligned with your unique version of a life you were born to live:

  • We identify where and how you do not live up to your greatest potential
  • We bring limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs to the surface so we can actively reframe them and install new ones to support your life goals
  • We help you to upsize your energetic and mental capacities.
  • We decode your primary motivations and anchor them in your mind so that your life is indefinitely fuelled by your own supply.
  • We escort you to become the most satisfied, playful & confident creator of your life-script.


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